About Me

I am a farm girl at heart, living in the country on a farm in Kent, being surrounded by fields and animals seems to be my calling.

You will usually find me out in the fields either cleaning up after horses, fixing fences or chasing sheep.

When I am not on shepherdess duties I love nothing more than sitting down with my pencils, there is something so tranquill about having a blank page and creating art.  


My Art

I use coloured pencils mainly, I had a go at pastel pencils and I have to say I do really like them and this is something that I want to  develop.

My art journy started when I was about 10, spending lots of time at my friend Claire's house (who is also a very talented artist)  her dad Alan taught me how to draw. 

When I left school I didn't draw at all except the odd cartoon here and there. 

In January 2018 I was indoors very ill and could not go outside, for an outdoor person like me I was going stir crazy and decided to pick up my pencils, wipe off the dust and have a play,  starting with my dog's eye.. I then posted my picture on a red fox Labrador group and from there was asked to do my first commision by a brave man on the group, I  explained that I had never done a portrait before, but he was happy for me to try.

I was very pleased with my first attempt, so was my customer and off to the USA went my first  commission. 



My Horses

Horses are my first love, riding from the age of 3 I have never been without them.

Curently I own 5 horses, My dream horse Reef, my friesian stallion.

Sunny I have owned since I was 14, he is now happily retired at the age of 27.

Roma, my foundation brood mare of my very small stud, I have her 2 daughters, Ruby by Totilas and Rhea by Desperados FRH.

My goal with breeding was to have 4 broodmares from world class bloodlines and only breed from top Grand Prix stallions, I have another 2 years or so until I can say that I have achieved my goal.