Golden labrador

This is a beautiful Labrador called Maisey.

This was a commision piece from the USA.

it measured 17" x 12" on Bristol board.

an assortment of pencils was used to create this portrait.

This is a wax pencil drawing of a Chocolate Labrador puppy

Chocolate Labrador Puppy

This is a portrait Pencil drawing of a Chocolate Labrador puppy. 

I have used Bristol board and an assortment of pencils to get the beautiful velvet brown colour.

This was quite a challenge as i had to capture the mishchief in those adorable eyes.

Work comparison

I use a photo for reference, to make sure i get the expression and character right.

When i do a portrait i like to make sure all the features and dimentions are accurate.

i use a Photograph for reference and for colour matching.